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No MASK ANODE design 

  • Allows for precise part to anode centering, improved coating uniformity, less edge build up and reduced grinding time.
  • Reduces set up time, improves quality, productivity and throughput.
  • Have internally encased anode inserts minimizing worker exposure to lead and allowing for safer handling and storage.
  • Typically operate at lower voltages reducing energy cost, fugitive Chrome emissions and environmental health dangers.
  • Eliminates masking, demasking, and masking waste bi-products.
  • Made from premium materials, durable, interchangeable construction for long life.
  • Can be refurbished at 50-60% of new cost.

Hard chrome tooling
On-site plating tool designs and fabrication driving
quicker turn-around times, lower costs, and customer satisfaction!

Nickel and Cadmium Plating

Our nickel and cadmium electroplating fixtures and associated support tooling consist of variations of conforming and no-mask conforming anode systems. This tooling is custom designed for each application utilizing pure nickel, cadmium, steel, stainless steels, platinum and platinized titanium anode materials.

Do you have a large part that doesn't fit into your existing plating tank?  We also specializes in out-of-tank flow-style anode plating systems for large parts.

Nickel plating tooling

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